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R8 vs ER32 collet question

I did this same thing about a year ago. Bought the R8-to-ER32 adapter, and then an ER-32 collet set. Here was my logic(or lack there of). I plan on getting into CNC, or at least a machine that has a CAT40 or similar taper, and I would need a collet set. So at that point, the only money wasted was the R8-ER32 arbor. I could do tool changes without climbing the step ladder to remove the R8 collet. Didn't really feel like buying a Air-powered drawbar, as I don't feel like turning on the compressor and letting it fill enough to run a drawbar. Typically only use the compressor when there is no other way around it. Similar to not running it and letting it fill just to run a grinder/sander. Now if I could find an electric drawbar, it might have been different.

From the perspective of how has it worked out. I'd say pretty well as expected. Haven't had any issues with tool pull out, and the minor loss in Z hasn't been an issue as of yet either.
As someone without a power Z axis on my mill at home I could see the major advantage being not having to crank the table up and down as much when switching back and forth from endmills to drills.
For these er nuts which spanner is better suited for the er32? Hook or front spanner.
Received my set minus the spanner. Tool vendor comment was well u can make one vs. a R200 cost! [emoji35]so another 2 weeks for that to come.

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Thanks Craig. I had ordered that one. Hopefully be here in a couple weeks. Pls PM me again ur somata email address. Thanks.

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I ditched my R8 collets a long time ago (years). I use an ER32 collet chuck an R8 taper drill chuck and and occasional R8 boring head. I don't have a power draw bar. I might have a different opinion if I did. JMHO YMMV