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Radner MS 60 plasma torch


Nov 5, 2012
Ft Valley Ga.
I have a Thermal Dynamic MC 52 with a Radner MS60 torch . I picked it up used in like new condition I have only used it a couple of times because of not having a steady hand . The tip it has now is unshielded and if it touches the metal it arcs destroying the tip .

This afternoon a friend was using his plasma cutter dragging the tip . The question is can i get a drag tip for my my gun? Air gas web site sucks this is there gun that they put on the Thermal Dynamic plasma torch and a web search using the model number leads me nowhere and going to air gas web site leads nowhere as well .

Thanks Donny
This info gives me hope . I will be calling air gas in the morning . I have had an offer to modifie the torch to except Thermal Dynamic parts that I have been told are less expensive then having to buy from Air Gas . Now that it looks like what I am looking for is available I may consider the conversion in the future . Will wait and see if I use it more with the drag tip . I have a project coming up where I will be reusing some old roofing tin . Thanks Donny
I looked at that catalog for 30 min and could not find a parts list for the MC 60 torch . There was plenty little adds at the bottom of each section trying to get you to convert to the MS 60 with conversion part numbers . Clear breakdowns of other brands but no Radnor MS60 ?
I called Airgas they were not much better they were not able to find any thing said he would call me back . When he called back said they did not have what I needed that they were back ordered . Also want me to bring what I have in for them to look at ? Its a Radnor MS60 ! The salesman I that I talked to said when he ordered his Thermal Dynamic plasma machine he ordered it with a Thermal Dynamic torch that tells something .
Well I called Airgas corp. they could not figure there own cat. They called Thermal Dynamic to get part numbers as it turns out the left bottom of page 32 is there parts for there guns .No where does it say that ! With part numbers in hand I call Macon Airgas they had every thing I needed in stock . And we thought they were back ordered !!