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Randolph Machine ..... machining source in Southern Michigan


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Hello everyone. I'm a long time member of this forum, but haven't posted much on here in the past couple years. I thought I would update my contact info. Like most of us, I'm always looking for new customers. I recently had to move my shop after being in that building for 12 years. The building was sold and I've moved into a much nicer place. Randolph Machine is a small job shop specializing in prototype and short run parts, but also open to medium and long run projects as well. We mostly work with the machine tool industry, automation, food processing equipment, etc.. We are a mom and pop operation, literally just my wife and I working here at present. I've been in the business since 2007 and have been machining parts since 1983. We are looking for new customers in which to building lasting relationships with. We treat our customers right. We offer heat treating, black oxide, anodize and some plating services.

Our new contact info is:

Randolph Machine LLC
414 North Jackson Street
Suite 97-6
Jackson, MI 49201
(517) 841-6400 / fax (517) 841-6450
email at: [email protected]
Randolph Machine / Jackson, MI 4921
facebook at: randolph machine


Frank Randolph


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[email protected]

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As a shop owner that occasionally outsources prototype mill work, I'm looking for pictures that actually show fine details of parts, not shiny stuff that's blurry and taken from 3 feet away.