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Reactivating G68 and in process probing


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Apr 19, 2021
Using the probe to locate a part that was "casually" loaded into the mill. P9811 single touch top of the part for Z, then P9814 find center of a bore to set X and Y. I then use P9842 to touch two points along the left side of the part and set the angle for rotation.
Run several tools/ops everything lines up as expected. I use G69 to cancel coordinate rotation so I can run P9814 again to inspect the central bore and verify it is in spec. Part looks good so far, so I carry on and load the next tool but! when it goes to its first position I can tell it is no longer positioned using the G68 rotation despite containing the command

Start with P9811
Then P9814

G1 X-2.8406 Y0. F500.
G65 P9832
G0 Z2.2
G65 P9810 Z0.2 F200.
G65 P9810 Z-0.2362
G65 P9843 X-2.25 D2.7559 Q0.4 A90.
G65 P9810 Z0.2
G0 Z2.2
G65 P9833
G53 G0 Z0.

Here is some code doing some cutting
Here is the P9814 inspection cycle

T1 M6
S1645 M3
G68 G90 X0. Y0. R[#194]
G1 X1.675 Y-1.43 F500.

I had a hunch that #194 was being overwritten when I re-probed so I saved it to a local variable before the inspection, and then reset it after but that didn't work.
What gives?

Edit: Machine is a '08 Haas VF