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Read this if you are considering a Jet ZX series lathe…

If you're holding forth Apple as an example of a great company with great service...you lost me fast.

The bottom line - as others have said - is you bought a lousy brand and are suffering for having done so. It's not the end of the world...next time do better.
I think with the Jet brand the quality went steadily down hill. I have a 1430 lathe that has had daily usage from me over 20 years that never needed any repairs. It was made in Taiwan in 1975.
I'll leave this here: even Monarch supplies their cross feed nut in a form that needs some machining to fit your particular machine.

Anything that's a wear component has to be supplied that way.
I'll leave this here: even Monarch supplies their cross feed nut in a form that needs some machining to fit your particular machine.

Anything that's a wear component has to be supplied that way.

I could do with a new cross slide screw & nut for my Monarch CY. After 70+ years of use there's an annoying amount of backlash.....

the slides are scraped to fit at factory, or they can wear and be rebuilt again...you should expect to have to align the screw yourself.

I imagine you will be be pissed again if you rebuild your old machine someday and this time it comes with holes in exactly the factory location and that happens to now be off from where you need them.

You are supposed put in slightly oversize clearance holes for the mounting screw, align everything as perfectly as possible, file, shim etc... then drill the dowel holes in place through both components.

(this could mean simply check for binding through entire travel. No fancy tolerance your unqualified to check is necessary)
You wouldn't happen to be a millenium by any chance? Plug and play machine tools? As someone in the machine repair industry coming up 40 years. Your disappointments, are the exact opposite of mine.

First: Its not a Brass Nut, they would be Bronze. How fucked up can you be if you don't know the difference between brass and bearing bronze. And you can kid yourself until next Sunday, the wear on the screw is there. It would be rude to expect a new nut to fit a screw that's already worn out one nut. Your just bull shiting your self to expect that you can buy a new nut to fit an old screw. There are standard's for this. Dr. George Schlinger, would have specified back lash at about 0.02mm, (That would be 8 tenths for you).

Ever heard of this hand scraping / hand fitting capper. Ever heard of adjusting gibs? Surely that move's the saddle over. And moves the centre line from the slide to the screw, alignment due to wear. Yet you want Dowel holes, from the factory. You are aware dowel holes are about the absolute best positioning of any two components.

Wouldn't you produce them, when you have the best possible alignment, according to the position / wear of your slide at the time? I regret to inform you, sounds to me, that's the kind of nut with 3 bolt holes and two dowels and a right angle face that attaches to the cross slide. The height won't be right also. You managed to miss that critical alignment. It will have 1 mm of stock to mill, grind and hand scrape to bring it to centre line, as the height changes with wear.

I buy parts from noble companies such as: Mazak, Okuma, Waldrich, Hegenscheidt. If they ever sent me a gib that's not 6" longer than I need it to hand fit, and chop off what I don't need. I've never seen a nut and screw, that wasn't matched / paired as an assembly. Yet your expecting plug and play. (From Jet).

Seriously BRASS feed screws? Does that not tell us something of your understanding?

I think you have know idea of machine fiting.

You should be proud of yourself. I wouldn't have been bothered, except I'm still on holidays and bored. You got some traction.

Come next Monday, I'd write you off for a Home Shop Harry, that thought his feed nuts where BRASS. I regret to inform you, it's really obvious, how little you know. But that can wait until next Monday, when I get back on deck....Then I'll tell you what I really think.

In the meantime.

#Jet owner with no clue. #Unreal expectations. # I thought my bits would fit. # I'm going to get even when they don't. # Thought my yellow metal was brass # Why cant I plug & play. # I:m so hard done by. # Why aren't those pricks sympathetic to me.

You might be better over at the HAPPY home shop harry site; Home Page - Projects and Articles on Our Forum! | The Hobby-Machinist

I'm sure they will blow some smoke up your arse.

How'd you go with that Jet Jihad?

Regards Phil.
It is a Jet so it may be brass and not bronze, brass is cheaper and a lot easier to machine.