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Reasons for working overtime


Jul 2, 2019
Overtime is an opportunity to get more money.
Some people hate overtime because it gives the guy willing to put in that time to make more money and advantage.
it is a form of freedom to decide for one's self.
Some people hate freedom because it gives some people an advantage.
Overtime can be an asset to a company so to take on more or a variable workload.
Freedom acn be perception and perceptions do change. A lot of these long hours do effect the families of workers being that a person puts in so much time at the shop and weeks turn into months and months into years. After years and when kids leave home there can be big changes which can happen. They can be in some situations a matter of regrets.

One does well to strive for a balance. Years down the road the employer and fellow workers most likely will not even think of each other. This spends vitality and misdirects the important things for people. Not for all people true yet it is insidious and can just reap some problems. A person does well to survive through it all hopefully with some financial security. Many times that ship never comes in Because they max out in earnings.


Oct 18, 2005
In my area overtime is just the way.
Not enough skilled people.
In my 20’s it was all challenging work 10/h a day and then spin drill collars for another 4 hours once the mind was tired.
14h a day 6-7 days a week go go go.
Make hay whole the sun shines.
Slowed down in my 30’s and started enjoying life, had a family and all that.
So happy I put some $ away in my 20’s.

As a manager having the fellas qork OT was near mandatory (unfortunately) due to workload.
I had to push people harder than I likes to keep on top of things. You could see the burnout very clearly but the owner would not allow for more hires. Not even a kid with a broom (which would have been a huge value vs the journeymen cleaning up after a long day)
But what do ya do. Left there to presume my garage shop dream with all that overtime money I made in my 20’s :p
I would never work for a tyrant like that.