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Rebranded import machines: home shop upgrade

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Jan 16, 2012
Midland, Texas
What a fantastic idea!!! Gonna go buy some magnets RIGHT NOW !
This reminds me of something I just discovered the other day--the granite counter tops in my kitchen are magnetic! My wife found a small magnet and placed it on the counter. I picked it up and noticed that it had a tendency to stick to the counter. I tried another piece of granite and no attraction. Apparently it's not uncommon for granite to contain iron.


Nov 23, 2003
Beaumont, TX, USA
Screws or nails not centered on the stud? Well, yes. The carpenters often go to one side and sometimes you will find two or more screws at one spot.

That is why I used two of my magnet stacks for each stud in the photo. I split the difference.

I guess if that expensive finder does actually locate wood and not just screws or nails, then it is a good idea. But what happens if there is wood plus an off-center screw? Does it still find the center of the wood while ignoring the steel screw? They say it works on both wood and metal studs so I would think an off center screw would throw it off center too.

A level can easily run a line upwards from a nail or screw at a low part of the wall. I did this to find the tops of the studs in my garage/workshop when installing shelves.

But to each his own.

I gotta say, that's one of those Hints from Heloise things that actually doesn't work half the time.

Why? It presumes there will be a screw or nail on the stud you seek. Not always the case. And since strings don't hang upwards, you'd better hope there is a screw/nail ABOVE where you want.

It also presumes the screw/nail is centered on the stud. A crap shoot...it's just as likely to be 1/8" from the edge.

Then, you have to mess with string, too, which is its own PITA.

A stud finder locates the stud's edges/center. It fits in your pocket, no unraveling or winding back up. It works on any wooden stud...even horizontal wood pieces. At the very top, or very bottom, or anywhere in the twixt.

Before I sign off, a couple drops of oil will stop a squeaky hinge from squeaking!



Mar 12, 2001
New Haven, CT
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