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Recently aquired Maho 700

What does it have for tooling or attachments? I see you just bought it, are you trying to sell it (or curious if you paid too much)? If it is just the bare machine, it is not worth very much. For a home guy it can make a nice hobby machine, getting it fixed up, spend time (and $$) sourcing tooling, finding / making attachments - and it can be a really nice machine, but it is quite a bit of work. The point being you are probably (condition depending) starting with some "good bones". It is very unlikely that any sort of commercial operation could justify spending the time and $$ to make it functional - they would be much further ahead to get a newer/current machine. On a hobby situation, you can justify the time as entertainment and ending up with a cool, novelty machine (that is pretty handy).

I have resurrected several old pieces of iron that were totally destined to the scrap dealer. They are cool, but I have other machines to support the repair of the latest boat anchor, I like puttering around in the work shop. Example, I just got a little 11" Standard Modern lathe for $500, it needed a number of parts (cost prohibitive from SM), probably about 300 hours to get it working well (the paint in pretty rough, but it works quite nicely - it is a fun little machine), I already had some suitable tooling, I have spent/will spend about another $2500 for toolpost, taper tools, spindle tools etc. Optimistically it will be worth perhaps $3500 (the paint is rough and the evidence of having been rusty is impossible to hide). In otherwords, totally not worth it - I do this as a hobby, because I enjoy it.

I am familiar with that vintage Maho machine (I have two MH600 machines from the early/mid 1960s). That mill is only worth what it is worth to you. My first MH600 came with nearly every attachment that Maho offered, including the original tooling storage cabinet, it even had some tooling - that I spent $3700CAD at a well attended and well publicized public auction - so that would be the market price.

Regards, David
A friend in Connecticut just bought a "VERY" nice Maho 700 for around $2000.00 usd.
Came out of a speciality shop and wasn't used a great deal.
What kind of "stuff" is with it? what are the electrics? if it is 220volts 3ph, it's worth way more than 575volt.