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Recommend wood2steel as a source for tooling and parts


Hot Rolled
Dec 23, 2016
Oswego, NY USA
Quite a while ago wood2steel posted a message on (I think) the antique machinery forum indicating he was parting out and old Reed Prentice lathe that had fallen over. I had the same machine and needed a thread dial and taper attachment. I contacted wood2steel and began trading notes on our respective machine collections, interests etc. At the end of the day wood2steel sent me the spare parts that i needed along with the QCGB, apron and pedestal doors from the parts machine because as he put it, "may as well keep those parts with a machine that can use them". He also arranged affordable shipping from GA to upstate NY. Along with the spare parts, he included some wheel arbors for my surface grinder, end mills and diamond grinding wheels. Finally he built a shipping crate to transport and protect the 670 lbs of parts (pic attached).

wood2steel tells me he has a large collection of tooling and other equipment that he will be selling off on the Tooling Parts and Accessories forum. If you see a for-sale post from him, I recommend you reach out to him. He was a great guy to work with.



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