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recommendations on rotary tables


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Jun 5, 2006
I'm looking at new 12" horizontal / vertical rotary tables. I've always liked Yuasa equipment, so I did a search for a Yuasa 550-052 rotary table at several of the larger tool dealers.
In MSC, they have both Yuasa and Phase II tables listed. What doesn't make sense, is the Phase II is more than the Yuasa. So, I looked at Penn Tool Co, and under the listing for the Yuasa, they show a photo of a Phase II table. Then I checked out Travers, and the same thing, a Phase II is shown under the Yuasa listing.

So..did Yuasa cop out and start rebadging cheap chinese equipment? If so, its really disappointing. I always thought they produced great stuff in the past.

Are there other brands I should look at? I really don't want low end chinese. I'm not sure what the quality of Vertex might be. I know they're made in China, but I was told the quality is better than most other Chinese tooling. Any opinions?

I've looked at Bison, and they're rotary tables look really nice...but I just can't justify spending that much...nearly $6K.

The Yuasa catalog on their website still shows the same products they have always made. No Phase II products shown. My 12" Yuasa rotary table I bought a couple years ago says Made in Japan.
Thanks for the reply. I just looked at the Light Tool Supply website and it shows the same Phase II image also.
I think I'll try to call MSC tomorrow to get some details.

I did look at the Yuasa website. Their online catalog is from 2017, so I'm wondering if things have changed since then.