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Redesign and improvement of the L-nose spanner wrench


Cast Iron
Mar 3, 2013
Oklahoma, USA
My reason for redesigning the L0 and L1 spanner wrenches for my Rivett 1020S and American Pacemaker was to have better retention on the nut. This makes them less likely to come loose and fall perhaps hitting the machine.

In the second and third pictures, the L1 wrench has full engagement of the spindle nut and can stay engaged hands free. The smaller L0 wrench can be used where it is fully engaged (i.e. all three lugs.) In this mode it cannot fall off the spindle nut – it is captive. It can also be used as a conventional spanner where only one lug is engaged to turn the nut making it easy to grab the next slot. I’ve included pictures of both types of engagement. (Picture #8 shows disengaged and picture #9 shows engaged.)

The spanner wrench as pictured on the larger pulley is for the clutch adjustment cap on a 16x54 American Pacemaker.

Observations and suggestions are welcome.

IMG_0545.jpg IMG_0544.jpg IMG_0584.jpg IMG_0586.jpg IMG_0596.jpg

IMG_0550.jpg IMG_0546.jpg IMG_0551.jpg IMG_0552.jpg

Machine 'n Fab

Dec 13, 2007
Auburn, Washington
Here are some pictures of the pattern I used for the L0 wrench. The fuller or flute in the center of the wrench as shown in earlier pictures was milled on a horizontal mill and is of course only decorative. PM me if you’re interested in the pattern for either the L0 or L1 wrench.

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Please, more pictures of that incredibly gorgeous AMercian Pacemaker.