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Reduced shank Drill bits--FOR SALE


Hot Rolled
Apr 21, 2010
northeastern Pa, USA
I have 21 reduced shank drill bits for sale that are surplus to my needs. They are brand new. Some of the tubes have never been opened. 4 different sizes. Buyer takes all. I will not split them up. This is perfect for a job shop. They are made in USA by Chicago-Latrobe, Triumph, and Morse. Will all fit in a medium Flat Rate USPS box for a $16.00 shipping charge. All 21 for $250.00 plus shipping. That is less than $12.70 a drill bit. Look up a 1 15/64 C-L bit and see what they cost! Paypal, Check, or Money Order. You choose. You can always pick them up at my home if you want. I know its late but would make the perfect Valentines or any occasion gift to that special someone. PM me and respond to this post.


There are: 8 each 1 15/64 Made by C-L
3 each 1 5/32 Made by C-L
2 each 7/8 Made by Triumph
8 each 9/16 Made by Morse and Triumph