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Remington in Iion, NY---Done on 3/24. Long time coming--lots of buildings and land


Mar 26, 2019
Remington has not really been Remington Arms for a long time now and no doubt the final facility closing in Ilion comes as no surprise to anyone.
Interesting is the Google satellite view of the massive(?) complex. It's possible buildings have already been taken down but most certainly whoever gets the demolition/site cleanup contract will keep busy.
(Use the + feature in the lower right to view the great expanse of roofing)
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New England is losing most of their firearms manufacturers to the south. Cost of doing business is too high, and firearms regulations are preventing them from operating in these states now.
I took a tour thru that factory that our manufacturers association setup.
Lots of old tech, there was one area that had some newer machines they were getting going, very old building, poorly lit I recall, several floors of production
The thing that stuck in my mind to this day was the hallow eyes of the people when we walked past a smoke break area, looked like a bunch of zombies
The employees giving the tour seemed really engaged though and enthused about their job.
Illion will be another town along the thruway that will be thrown into the dustbin of history, it looked like it was barely hanging on with the plant going.