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Renishaw Probe startup failure 1101


Mar 20, 2023
Hey guys, having troubles with my Renishaw probe. when using the single surface macro to probe an x y and z i have to wait about a minute in between surfaces until my sensor light turns off, and the probe stops lighting up. At that point I can probe my next surface. If I dont wait i get a probe startup failure. is this normal? I thought that it was and I just had to wait but now im using macros in a program to probe a bore on a casted part and set z after and im getting the same startup error after it probes the bore and tries to do a single surface probe for my Z.

Edit: im working with a haas Mini mill using next gen post.

Did you happen to notice if your dwell (G04) was perhaps to large causing it to not move for a length of time? Look into the Renishaw settings macro too……..

Check the settings of your probe like the first guy stated. To do this you need to take the batteries out of the probe for at least 5 seconds before re-inserting the batteries. After doing so, the probes LED’s will blink 3 times(pay attention to long blink, quick blink and color). It will do this blinking light pattern until it gets through all the settings. You can then determine how your probe is configured based off the color pattern and short blink/long blink. Reference your probe configuration manual for how to change the settings.