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Renting Machines and Shop Space


Jun 7, 2011
Ramsey, NJ.
I was approached with a proposition to lease machine time and space within our facility for a 3rd party to operate. We provide the machines, workspace, maintenance, and utilities. They provide the tooling, operators and materials.

My first thought was "absolutely not". I fear the abuse the machines would probably be subjected to. But, the company is reputable so it is not an inexperienced person wanting time on a machine they cannot afford. Right now, we need the machines so it is mute anyway.

I keep thinking there might be a viable a business model for leasing production capacity.

Have any of you encountered this?

There's something about this that really makes me think - "bad idea." I don't let anyone touch my machines or my stuff. I've seen enough low ball, scatter brain operators to know the absolute hell they wreak on a CNC or a gauge. Pass..