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Repairs at Carpenter Technologies


Aug 27, 2002
West Unity, Ohio
The actual article that I wanted to link to was in New Equipment Digest, but their October issue doesn't seem to be available online yet - if that makes any sense?

Anyhow - the writ there was a little better informed than anything else that I have found.
In their writ is mentions that Carpenter broke a shaft (?) off 60' under grade, and Mammoet supplied a 42 member Millright (and whatnot) team that worked around the clock - totaling up 28,000 man hours in somewhere around 2.5 months.

And we think that our repair bills are a wee bit $alty!

Carpenter Technology chose Mammoet for hydraulic press​

Stainless Steel World Publisher
May 16, 2022
Carpenter Technology Corp. in Pennsylvania encountered an unexpected mechanical failure of its hydraulic press which halted operations and required emergency repair.
Mammoet was not only able to offer a full solution and equipment such as cranes, trailers, and a gantry system, but also the skilled labor of riggers, operators, and millwrights to get the press back up and running smoothly. Because Mammoet could mobilize the required equipment and expertise quickly, Carpenter Technology chose Mammoet for the job.
Mammoet provided heavy lift solutions to disassemble the entire 4,500-ton press. Mammoet employed its 750-ton gantry as well as a 500-ton gantry to lift and stabilize the press for repairs and maintenance. The unit was lifted and held safe and steady to allow for component change out before the press was reassembled.
Mammoet sourced equipment and personnel from its facilities in Texas, New Jersey, and Eastern Canada. Mammoet provided a multidisciplined team with varied expertise including riggers, millwrights, oilers, operators as well as engineering, safety, and project management.
All repairs were completed within the company’s target time allowing their staff to focus on satisfying customer demand once again in the aerospace supply chain.


Think Snow Eh!


Oct 14, 2010
Oregon, USA
Wonder what national asset requires that hydraulic press in manufacturing?
I don't know about that specific press, but all the US heavy presses have long, long waiting lists for things like major aircraft component forgings, including commercial airliner parts.

Robert R

Hot Rolled
Aug 27, 2005
Raymond , CA
It was a small 4500 ton capacity stamping press.

The large presses initially funded by the DOD in the 1950's at Alcoa and Precision Cast (Wyman Gordon) are rated at 50,000 tons.
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