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Replacement For Hurco Autobend 5c CNC Back Gauge?

The Doctor

Cast Iron
Nov 9, 2003
Lumberton, New Jersey USA
We currently have a Hurco autobend 5c back gauge on one of our hydraulic press brakes. This is quite an old unit, and it's been having a couple of issues. Recently, some damage was caused to the main board. Specifically, a PAL chip was damaged. As this is a programmable chip, it is not really possible to replace it. Also, it is likely that other components were damaged at the same time. It is far different than the schematic shown in the manual, also making repair rather difficult. The CRT monitor which it uses is also growing rather dim, although there are kits to update that to an LCD. The physical back Gage and it's motor are in good condition.

Does anyone here have any experience with a modern replacement for the old CNC components? I did come across Automec, but they do not list anything for the 5c. I would greatly appreciate any information you have on any type of upgrade, especially if you have actual experience with how it works and how it is supported. We will be calling Hurco on Monday to see if they offer any type of upgrade package, but their recommendations on what is best to do will of course be biased.