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Replacing JT33 chuck, can't find chuck with the right collar size of 1" threads


Mar 15, 2022
I am replacing a frozen chuck on a drill press that I'm restoring. It's a JT33 taper, with a 1" thread for the collar (these machines are not my area of expertise, sorry if any of my terminology is incorrect/confusing). I bought a new chuck online (another version of this one) that is a JT33, but upon receiving it I found out the thread on the collar is 3/4". I don't see anywhere online where the size of the collar threads is specified. The chuck fit's otherwise, just won't screw into the spindle.

My questions are as follows:
-anyone know of a chuck that will fit my application?
-if not a new chuck, can I remove the collar and the small piece of tube that connects to the chuck (sorry, don't know the name of this part) and swap them out? I know there are removal wedges, I've not seen one for a JT33 anywhere
-will some kind of adapter for the 3/4" to 1" threads suffice, if it can be found?
-am I incorrect thinking it's a JT33, and it's some other size? I have calipers somewhere that I can use to measure the arbor size, if needed.

Thanks so much for any help.


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Jun 4, 2006
Spokane, WA
The professionals here have little interest in restoring a homeowner drill press. You'll get more help and specificity over on the Old Woodworking Machine forum. Old Woodworking Machines - Index page Just be aware when joining they have a three-page list of forum don'ts; the rants here would be banned there forthwith.

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