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Request for Help with Custom Lathe Headstock

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QT (Thanks again to everyone for your help and input; I gather the best route to go down is a brand new 40mm shaft from hardened steel, and another pillow block bearing)
No, the best rout is to tell what needs to be done and designe a something that can do the task.

Why the passive aggressive comment?

What needs to be done is a shaft which turns, without a huge run out. I’ve had some really helpful previous comments which have been helpful enough to get my runout from .5 to .2, with more suggestions to get that tighter.
The machine is for a very niche use but I can't be too specific, I'm cutting at a slow speed and it's safe (I believe!)

I apologise again for the vagueness in the usage, but I definitely won’t be using a chuck, at the end of the shaft is a “hub” style element,
He admits he is cutting something, and slow speed.
He won't say what it is.
My guess is he is trying to shave tires tread down to true them
for "racing". I bet for a Kia "Soul".

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