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Restoration of tool grinding machine PEAR (Deckel SO clone)


Apr 6, 2019
1. Intro. Ladies and gentlemen,
Recently I bought a tool grinding machine named PEAR, similar to Deckel SO. It was incomplete, I paid USD 200, including transportation from Italy to Romania.
My idea is to adapt it in order to sharp end-mill and other HSS tools.
First stage is to remove all pieces of the main body, clean them, measure and fix and replace some of them, if it will be necessary. Second stage is to mill and turning some adapters to use sharpening machine as its purpose.

2. The job.
I have extracted all pieces, less then quill which is mounted on upper side of main cast iron body of grinding machine. There are inside two or three bearings with some strange noise. I have to change them.
I have no idea how to extract the quill. The cast iron body of this machine has no any hole in opposite part of quill entrance. I extracted the screw of quill which is located on upper side of cast iron main body, but I cannot take out the quill.

3. Help.
If some of you made restoration of grinding machine, please give me some guidance or ideas to take out the quill. Please...
Respect to all !
Marius Dragomir, hobby machinist


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Cast Iron
Jan 21, 2011
Troy mi
The plate with 3 holes around your spindle is a nut. Remove that and your spindle assembly should pull out.
what you have is a single lip cutter grinder. It is not ideal for sharpening end mills. Not so good got drills either since you will not have the necessary collets for all the sizes. A useful machine none the less.

since you are a hobby machinist may I suggest a forum like the Home Shop Machinist. You are likely to get a better response there.