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Reuse a multi head drill press?

Ultradog MN

Jun 14, 2020
I have a chance to buy one of the heads off a multi head drill press.
It might be an arboga but not sure on that. It's a gear head is all I know.
It is just the head and short column.
I was thinking about bolting it to a work bench I have. Bench top is cast Iron 30" X 90" X 1 1/2".
Yes, a massive thing. Bench and legs weigh 2-3K lbs.
I could easily drill and tap for a vise or whatever.
I know it wouldn't have the functionality of a real drill press and would kinda muck up my table but would it be worth while cobbling this together?
Couple of photos of my work bench and one of a multi head drill I grabbed off the net.

20191027_182221.jpg 20191027_182010.jpg540x360.jpg


Aug 2, 2008
Sussex, England
Are you sure its just a short column?

The set up shown in your third picture has holes in the fixed bench for a relatively long column to go through so the heights of the individual drill heads can be independently adjusted relative to the fixed bench top. If the one you are looking at is made like that then simply adding a suitable hole in your bench will give you most of the functionality of a bench drill. If it has a round column and isn't made that way consider modifying it.

I've seen pictures of a long column drill fixed to a bench by bolting the floor foot to the bench after modifications to allow the column to go right through.

If you want some inspiration Pollards used the same drill heads on both bench mount and floor standing columns and multi-head benches. For example I have the 15 Y series drill unit in single head floor standing version model 15 AY the multi head version being 15 LY and bench mount 15 FY see :- Pollard Corona Drills , about 3/4 of the way down the page.