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Rexon mill drill quill drive disassembly


Jun 29, 2020
Has anyone pulled the quill drive apart on one of these Tawainese mill drills? It’s a Rexon RDM40-MPS. Literally nothing on google. I’m trying to get the cross shaft out so I can adjust or replace the spindle bearings but am unsure how to tackle the clutch that engages the worm shaft. The worm gear can move out axially about 3mm before stopping dead. The shaft has no axial play at all, I’ve tried tapping it as hard as I dare with a brass drift and it’s solid. I’ve removed a lock nut and washer, and a circlip on the other side.

I guess I can remove the worm shaft, and possibly the cover behind the worm gear and remove as an assembly but I’m not sure I should need to. I would’ve thought this should be semi routine. And it’d be good to give it all a clean and regrease