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RFQ: 5 axis aluminum prototype engine parts

Mark Winsor

Feb 4, 2013
Hartford, CT, USA
Hello- I have not posted in a while due to being happy with existing vendors. However, the front and rear side housings for our engines (LiquidPiston) have become complex enough that 5 axis would make better sense than so many individual setups. None of our current shops have 5 axis capability.

If interested in quoting 6-10 parts, about 6"x6"x2" size, lots of 3d milling with small/long tools (think ports in a small piston engine cylinder head), please reply here with your email, or send me a note at [email protected] We will need to do an NDA before sharing print and solid models.

Lead time is important for us- a backlog of more than 2-3 weeks before you could start probably won't work this time.

If not interested but sounds like someone you know- referrals also welcome too

I jist snet an email to the address you supplied . I think we may be able to help you out

no problems signing a NDA

RFQ 5 axis aluminum prototype engine parts

Im thinking of this mill in addition to my mill for other chassis parts better suited for this machine like achshalter and motorhalter, etc. Items that are not flat.