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RFQ - easy wire EDM job, 400 pcs.


Hot Rolled
May 13, 2020

I cannot post a drawing for this part. I do have a SW part file that I will email to anyone interested in quoting the work. (I can do other file types tomorrow)

Anyone interested, please PM me with your email address and company info.

For now, picture this part as a 1-1/4"H x 1/2"W x 1/4" thick sine bar with a 5/32" reamed hole in it. It's a basic 2 axis job.

Material will be customer supplied 1/4" 4140 plate. You will receive it annealed and Blanchard ground to final thickness. It is 3-3/4" wide and the length will be cut to suit your machine's working envelope. I have this in stock but I am willing to order material to suit the job if it is more cost effective.

Tolerance: + 0.0018" on the 5/32" hole and +/- 0.003" on a few dimensions of the part profile.

Quantity: 400 pieces.

Lead time after receiving material: 4-6 weeks preferred but my world won't end if it takes 8-10 weeks.

I should mention that this part does not require the latest and greatest in edm technology. This is more of a; 'whittle them out quickly in 1 or 2 passes and inspect with good calipers' sort of job.

This would be best suited for an older machine that only gets fired up when needed; or for someone new to edm who may be looking for a 'low risk' job to get a feel for their new machine.

My goal is for this to be a hassle free gravy job that doesn't require much attention from an operator. I need it to be convenient for you and cost effective for me.

If it works out, I have a few more parts I would also consider having made this way.

Thank you for your time,