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RFQ on machining parts (2500-5000)


Apr 28, 2005
Knoxvile, TN>
I am looking for a quote on machining my parts. I can send a fusion 360 design step file, parts are 416 ss, part a blank is 2.365 x 1.25 dia. part b is 416 ss, 1.5od x 2.750 long.There are, on part a,(3) inside diameters and a standard thread that can be rigid tapped, there are(3) outer diameters, a taper and a non standard threaded area (1.100 x 28), it also requires 3 ports milled through the side. There is also a hex machined at the end.
Part b, od is 1.500 with no changes, id has (2) different diameters and (2) tapers and a non standard thread ( again 1.100 x 28) Quantity would be 2500 of each.

Machine capabilities would be lathe with bar feeder and live tooling and c axis.

This set of parts are 2 of 10 products we would be looking to have machined.

If interested, contact me through the notifications and I will get back to you.