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Rigid Tapping on Fanuc 11M


Jan 24, 2016
Please help me with rigid tapping on fanuc 11M .
The old Stama MC300 has encoder on spindle .the documents say it can tap M54 thread in a single tapping cycle but unfortunately not having the programming manual i couldn't use the rigid tapping mode . i tried using M29 as i do on our Fanuc Om but not working .
Any help would be rally appreciated .
To the best on my knowledge and experience, there were no versions of the 11M control that could do rigid tapping. Floating tap holders were needed and the G84 canned cycle were used.

That said, some Stama machines are basically re-labeled Fanuc DrillMates. If yours is a re-labeled Fanuc machine then I'm less confident about it not being capable of rigid tapping. Fanuc sometimes added pretty unique capabilities on the DrillMate line over the years.
We have a 1989 Kitamura Mycenter 4 with a Fanuc 11M control.
It does rigid tapping and it has tapped holes all day long .
here is a part of the tap program. This is tapping 6061 alum.

G90 G0 G54 X14.5 Y-1.15 M8
G43 Z2. H23
G84.2 G99 Z-.59 R.1 F63. S2016

OURS needs a G84.2 with a speed call on the end of the G84.2
line but no m03 or m04
then the rest of the parameters for tapping.
That's interesting about your Kitamura. I do not recall ever seeing or working on an 11M that had rigid tapping, and the manuals I have for the 11 series make no mention anywhere about rigid tapping. 1989 makes your control really late in the 10,11,12, series life cycle. The 0 series had already gone to a B version by then and the 15M had been out for a year or 2 by then.