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Risers on cylindrical grinder


Aug 24, 2006
We needed about 1/4 inch more on the diameter of some parts to grind the OD on our cylindrical (8 by 20 Shigiya). Would a riser under the headstock and tailstock work (grinding between centers)? I realize the grinding wheel would not be on center and the infeed would not be perfectly accurate, but would it cause any big problems? We would also need to grind a shallow groove in the OD, so would need to dress a narrow wheel as well as grind the od (about 6" long). I have to believe this has been tried before, wondering if it was successful? I passed on the job, too busy to experiment with it, but if we were slow, I probably would have tried it.
I think risers should work OK. Provided you are not doing tapers, the small mismatch to the grinding wheel height and the centerline won't matter, but note that there will be a small inaccuracy in the infeed scale. Won't matter if you sneak up on the final OD.
Sounds like you would be using a straight wheel, but if you're using an angled wheel you may want to shim your dressing tool as well so that you are dressing tool is contacting the same spot on the wheel that the wheel is contacting the part with.
Should be fine with larger diameter parts. A 1" 0r 1 1/2" x 20" part might be the low limit of what might sag down due to climbing pressure. If pull-down/into the wheel is noted with large parts then lighter feed may be needed, Part pull-down would be a hazard that could cause a wreck because one would lose control of the take amount.
I'm not sure about tapers,, would have to think about that.
8 by 20 Shigiya Japan made, is a very nice machine.
but the dial indicator at the end-most of the table is a confusion causing design.
The part taper adjustment becomes a percentage of the part length...much better to have a traveling indicator that can indicate the location at the end of the part.
For optimum OD grinding one should get <001 part taper quickly, and with not wheel touching the part.
Still, indicating at the end of the part, the other (Left) part end moves also with a taper adjustment..so the indicator dial amount is not the true adjustment amount..but it is much closer than indicated at the very end of the table.
(X) The pull-down ID grinder will be off-center so that would need height adjustment also.

*One might consider also making a riser ring for the wheel head also. That would be a pretty simple part to make on a lathe...then all would be on center.
Why not make it a (9x20)? By adding 0ne inch under the head,.tail, and wheel head.
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