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Rivett 84A


Feb 14, 2013
New York City,
Rivett Grinder 82A - Google Photos

I'm searching for an operators manual and parts diagram for this grinder.
The machine has 2 heads; one for OD grinding and another that looks like it might be for internal work, but is missing the spindle.
I don't want to just plug it in and start pressing buttons and throwing levers. There are a bunch of settings for table feeds and stroke lenght and its a bit of a mystery how it all works.

Its a very nice machine, lots of heavy cast parts and a nice match for the 918 and 715 lathes already in the shop.
It's not quite an antique, but this forum seemed the best bet.

Anyone got the goods on these?

The photo is screwed up and around but there are others in the link.


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Jan 22, 2003
Columbia Missouri
The 84 looks very similar to the 104.

The Rivett 104 grinder was in production from 1924 to 1952. The 84 was in production from 1951 to 1959.

The 104 has an electric motor powering the work head by a belt drive. The table, grinding head, and coolant pump are all belt driven by a single electric motor mounted at the back of the machine by several shafts and belts.

My guess is that by the late 40's the design looked dated by the multiple belt drive system, the cost of balancing electric motors had dropped, and the design was updated by using multiple electric motors. The table drive, work head and grinding head system look to be very similar between the two.

I have an instruction manual and parts manual for the 104. There are a number of "do not"'s in running the machine and in setting and operating the automatic table stroke.

If you would like I can scan and post these, though it will take me a while to do so.