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Robocut Alpha 0iA- square problem


Jan 20, 2022
On my Robocut I have a problem that dimension of square is not the same in X and Y.
Difference is 0.02 mm and this is too much, also round hole is cut oval.
I make a test and measure 100mm long block on X and Y direction and machine shows max error of 3 microne.
So, positioning is OK, but why I get this difference when I cut the part?
Also I found out that position on Y direction is not OK, when I use measure cycle for centering on two edges
machine show me exact dimension, but after cuting the shape is dislocated for 0,02mm.
Have any idea what I can check?
Is it maybe some parameters?

Regards, Damijan
In my experience this is usually a worn out ball screw, or the seal plate is torqued down too much and restricting movement in the X direction. Could also be a worn out diamond guide.
Thank you for a feedback- also I have the same thinking about this problem. I try to set today parameter 1851- this is for
backslash setting of x -i put 70 ( 7 microns), but result is not so much better. Still have 0.015 difference.
It is interestimg- when I measure block of 100mm I get onlx 3 microns failure in both directions...??
This is not logic for me.