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Rockford MV100 Fenlind Vertical Mill owners?


Cast Iron
Nov 15, 2004
So Calif
I have a vertical mill I just picked up that is made by Rockford it is a model MV100 not much info out there on this model. It is about 2/3 size of a Brideport J Head mill, it has R8 spindle, knee, dovetailed ram, tilting head but no nod. Made in the 1950's or 1960's I think.
Variable speed 50-3750 rpm with the motor in the bottom of the column (1 1/2hp). High/low range gearbox on the head. 9" x 36" table with powerfeed driven by seperate motor. Curious if anyone has or has owned one of these. I don't know what kind of lube it takes, it has three different oil resivoirs in the headstock and maybe one in the table feed also.

Thanks John,
Gave them a call and they said they would did thru there records and see what they can find.

I know this is an old post. I picked up a MV100 serial MV432 this winter. Seems like it all works but doesn't have power X feed.


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I have one of these mills and my power X feed works, but it was broken when I first got it. It uses a Zero-Max variable speed mechanism, which has a lot of little linkages that can fail, and I was able to replace a failed rivet. There are documents online at VintageMachinery.org under Fenlind Engineering Co. Rock Mill. These are all documents that I originally scanned and supplied to other Rockford Mill owners.

Mine is Serial MV528, also listed at vintagemachinery.org, It has the 42" table and the original powerfeed (disabled). Motor is a 1.5 hp Peerless. A Lyman MK4 powerfeed has been added to the table. Still need to pull the head to get it sealed, it is leaking oil. If you have done that already, please let me know the best way to do it without bending the shaft to the belt drive.