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Rockwell Ganged Drill Press Table : Setup for Fixtures


Sep 9, 2018
FOR SALE : 1940s era Rockwell Ganged Drill Press Table with 3 legs. This one has precision drilled and tapped hole locations at measured intervals for the mounting of standard motorcycle frame building fixtures, and / or other tooling fixtures or welding setups. (FRAME TOOLS SHOWN ON TABLE TOP ARE NOT INCLUDED). It has a fresher coat of standard grey enamel paint since this pic (you can get at any hardware store to touch up). It has light surface rust on the top from sitting for a while, but nothing that is an issue.. easy clean off with chem or light abrasive. I can walk you thru it. The mounting hardware for the legs is included. This 8’ long sucker has to weigh over 1000lbs (unsure), but is currently strapped on a roller cart for easy load up (cart not included). This is a fantastic welding table. VERY difficult to find in any condition let alone like this.

Located in downtown Louisville KY.
502.205.four four seven one

$1200.00 or best offer

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