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Roll-In Saw Caster Mounting Stud Size Help

Mr Pugsley

Mar 23, 2007
St. Clair Shores, MI
Hello All,

I was just the High Bidder on an auction for a very nice Roll-In Saw. I haven't picked it up yet. I would like to add some casters to the saw when I pick it up and need to know either the size of the mounting hole in the saw foot or the stud size on the casters so I can order some caster from McMaster. Any Help would be greatly appreciated.


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I have one I put some casters on. M12 stud fit without modification. 1/2" may fit. I dont recall how close it was.
Perfect, thanks for the reply. I just scheduled a pick up time of next Friday so by this time I should have it safely in my possession and I’ll try to have the casters put on it.