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Rotary phase converter rotor problems

I have a Baldor that was left out in the rain for some weeks. Used on a RPC the motor would just hum and not move. Same thing as you describe.
In fact I remember these dead-zone-no-start questions here every few times with no real resolution.
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It’s not a winding issue so rewind wouldn’t help in this situation.
no but any good motor shop has tools to test the phase windings while assembled and test the magnetic fluz if the core is bad. They have tools to test every part of an electrical motors function if its a good shop. Be it windings, lamination issues(which involves rewinding) or Rotor issues like a bad magnet.
if its a common motor they most likely have a parts motor around there somewhere
either way, a good repair can easily be $1000 and wont be a free or easy fix.