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Rotating photos


Mar 12, 2021
I’m new here and for the most part am limited to use of an iPhone as an interface device so please bear with me.

It seems when I post photos to an album on this board, most show up rotated 90* but the absurd thing is it seems not all do this. What gives? And is there a workable solution? Thanks to whoever can help solve this. From the reading I’ve done in my short time here it seems I’m not the only one who experiences this struggle.

Mark Rand

Jul 9, 2007
UK Rugby Warwickshire
The phones just mark the orientation of the photo in the meta-data, without saving the picture in the left-right top-bottom raster that most programs expect.

The fix is usually to open the pictures in a simple picture editing program, rotate them to the way you want them then re-save.


Aug 17, 2007
North Fork Idaho
I find when I take a pic with my Iphone 11 I need the phone horizontal with the camera button on the right, the exception to the rule is a couple of times after the phone got an update it would be sideways and even upside down a couple of times, after a couple days it goes back to the norm