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round-dial 10EE gearbox shafts


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For a Round Dial 10EE, Serial 26080

Can someone/someones please help me identify which shafts in diagram E-4 (Gearbox) are the shafts visible on the apron side of the gearbox. I am trying to put together a full bearings list and want to have all the correct terminology.

Apron side of gearbox


As far as I know, Shaft 1 is the leadscrew, which is oddly shown at the bottom of diagram E-4 and is shaft 91.

I would prefer not to guess on the rest although logic would dictate shaft 3 as the feed rod, shaft 2 as the cone gears and shaft 4 as the change gears, based on the orientation on the other side of the gearbox.

I am trying to correctly (meaning, with the proper terminology) define the bearings that belong on the shafts with part #'s
33,54,76 and 91 on the Gearbox diagram E-4.

#2,3,4 in the posted image all use the same New Departure 3204 bearing, at least that is what is in this gearbox currently.

#1 Uses a New Departure N20205, best I could find was an angular contact N20205. Is that bearing an angular contact bearing?
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Yes, that would've been helpful.

1944 Round Dial 10EE
Diagrams and part lists from the Monarch manual


OK I must say dinman, if you are going to tear into a a RD gearbox you have much larger gonads than me and I tear into everything. Do you really want to do this? Is it really necessary? Shall I say again, Is it really necessary?


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It is a spare gearbox. I am going to do it for two reasons, A. I have no time constraint to complete it and B. It will serve as a learning experience and if done properly give me a spare, OR I can replace mine with this one and rebuild that one too. ((-:
Feed Gearbox Shaft ID's

In your annotated picture:

1 is Leadscrew shaft (item 91)
2 is Clutch Shaft (item 76)
3 is Cone shaft (item 54)
4 is Tumbler shaft (item 33)

NB Item numbers above are from the 1942 Round Dial Manual, so may not be the same in the 1944 manual.

Good luck.
I used the 1942 Monarch manual when I rebuilt my CVA feed gearbox. The CVA manual lacks detail in the images.
Internally the gearboxes are pretty much the same.