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Round dial cross slide travel issue


Jan 26, 2014
Colorado USA
Hi all,
Making good progress getting this S/N7700 guy going, new oils all around, and I’ve got the drill down pretty well on understanding the big dial and feeds now, etc.

Something that is perplexing me and making me think I’m almost surely doing some simple/dumb, is that I’m finding that my cross slide travel range is real short, like only about 0.62”, before I hit real solid-feeling “stops” in either direction. (This is just manually, using the cross slide crank handle) I’ve got to figure that surely something is keeping me from going a good couple/several inches in cross slide travel, yes? That 0.62” travel seems very limiting in terms of stock diameter and tool holder positioning, etc. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated, I’m just not seeing any “locks” that cause it to stop so short in cross slide range like that. Thanks—
Probably have the ball stop engaged, typically used for threading. Should be a knurled knob right next to the dial. Just unscrew it until it disengages if I remember correctly.
Well good grief, thanks Chknives, that’s all it was. I’d backed the knurled screw out, but not <all> the way, and that definitely did the trick. Hopefully my last really, really dumb question…! (One can at least hope)