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Rubber tirechains


Hot Rolled
Nov 8, 2017
As to snow tires ...
The loader's tires are already pretty aggressive, so not sure how much a snowtire would help ( though will look into it ).
Since the grooves are rigid, snow and ice will pack into it no matter what. When that happens though, they might as well be slicks.
The advantage of a chain ( in addition to being able to penetrate the ice ) is that it's loose, so it cannot pack up.
My thinking with the rubber chain is that though it will not penetrate the ice, it is still loose so the packing up won't happen.
No experience with implements, but real snow tires don't rely solely on aggressive tread. It is the softer composition of the rubber (which remains flexible at lower temps) and the number of edges (sipes) presented to the surface. Newer compositions are using embedded "grit" or similar micro-abrasive elements to provide thousands of tiny gripping edges. I ran a set of Bridgestone Blizzak studless tires of this type for several years. The performance was quite impressive.

On another note, snow-wheelers reduce tire pressure down to around 10 psi (lower if they have beadlocks). It is claimed this makes more difference than almost anything else.


Oct 18, 2005
I have. My point was that those are outdated and pilot controls are the way.
So you only fly an ercoupe ?

As far as outdated, you refuse to use what you got ? Got to have the latest, or nothing?

Then use a hand shovel... :nutter:



Oct 10, 2009
Foot controls? Gross.

LOL. The only downside to foot controls is kids have a hard time reaching them or seeing what my feet are doing so they get how the controls are working.

I do think it's BS that there are Deere and Cat excavator controls though. I tried and I cannot run Deere controls effectively. Brain just can't unlearn.


Aug 2, 2005
No snow back east this winter?
So far this winter, I took out the loader once, only to move about 10" of slush the city plowed in front of the driveway.
Otherwise there is absolutely nothing to speak of as far as snow.
Thankfully, no ice either, which is what the chains were primarily for.

There is a chance we'll get as much as 12" of really heavy, wet snow tonight and tomorrow, so I may have something to report, but so far all I can say is that they were easier to install than the regular Bobcat chains.