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Rules, Subject Guidelines and Behavior


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Mar 27, 2005
Northwest Indiana, USA
So we're all generally pretty good guys in this section and there haven't been any real issues here with respect to behavior, but just in case there's any question for new guys, (I've seen a few asking about rules now and then in various sections) I'll add a link to Milacron's rules from the General section.

I guess it's pretty clear what we discuss in this section: anything to do with grinders of any form and how best to make use of them.

Please take care to make a good relevant title if you start a new thread - this helps anybody here who is using the search function to find threads that may give them the information they're looking for, so they can tell which threads might be relevant to their query and which ones probably aren't worth the time to click on. It also helps make it more likely that the guys who might know about the subject will click on the thread, read the query and answer it.

As far as behavior, simple: treat others as you'd like to be treated. People being insulted or attacked will not be tolerated. Keep your cool or go take a break. Neither will political arguing and insults be allowed. Take it elsewhere. Upper management has said that civil political discussion is fine if it relates to shop life, but I'm not going to encourage it, as it usually leads to arguments.