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Sag 12 spindle removal ?

Jim Moser

Hot Rolled
Sep 5, 2004
Santa Cruz Ca.
Has anybody had experiance replacing the main spindle and bearings. I would like to get this out without damaging bearings. The biggest problem might be getting the large gear on the spindle loose. It looks like it is pressed on with a key on the shaft, no set screw visable. Hard to put even pressure on it because of a casting rib and feed gears in the way. Any comments welcome .Thanks Jim
Take lots of pictures!
I can post them on my site. My spindle runs fine, and I'm not planning to take it apart, but the more operations like this we can document the better. That day may come for any of us.
Finally figured how to link an album from photbucket so if anybody is interrested you can follow this to see pictures of project
Spindle came out of my lathe easy once I figured out how to hold the gears in place, but had more trouble getting the good shaft back in because the gears have to be pressed on about an inch before the front bearing reaches the bore and the keyways need to be lined up before pressing. A piece of 2.5 inch al. pipe worked to press against the back of gears and then some blocking to push shaft in. Hard to imagine how this shaft got bent but the replacement spindle runs much quieter and smoother and can see no indicator movement on any faces so I am glad I tackled this project. Before I was afraid to run it at 2,000 Rpm,made clattering noises, now it just whirrs.