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Sajo VF350 unknown pull stud/retention knob dimensions


Apr 5, 2022
Hello everyone,
Our company recently bought a Sajo VF350 milling machine at auction, of course, without any pull studs. We have searched everywhere online for drawings, or for people who have this machine for some guidance. I found this forum and was hoping someone might shed their thoughts on the pull studs that fit this machine. We would rather not have to resort to taking apart the entire head assembly to measure the area that the pull studs fit into.

Any help would be greatly appreciated as this machine cannot work without them.

Here is the link to the auction so you can see the machine if that helps.

SAJO (Sweden) VF 350 manual Vertical Milling Machine (year n/a; s/n 80179) on Auction Now at Apex Auctions (US)