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Sandvik Group buys Mastercam

I can see it being a smart move for Sandvik,but why do you think it's a smart move for CNC Software? They weren't hurting financially were they?

Well it's a second generation business now. Probably no third generation to take over after and that's a big ole check to cash out now. Plus the Sandvik group is enormous and takes good care of their people from what I've seen, so the employees who stick around should also be in good shape.


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IMO ever since Megan took over, development of Mastercam has been driven by the marketing department, valuing appearance over productivity. Hopefully with a machining based group in charge they can get back to their roots of being productivity oriented.


Maybe they will stop rushing out new versions to coincide with the year and focus on fixing stuff and speeding it up.
Maybe not. Maybe they will trash it. You just never know.


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Sandvik has grown and grown over the many years.
Low turnover and not being stupid about short term profits but instead investing in R&D and being the best.


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I feel like I knew this was happening....

my post from 7/14/2021:

"One thing have my ear to the ground on is CNC Software...now they always pride themselves on being a family owned business through and through. I wonder if a $300 million offer by someone like Sandvik would change their tune. I would bet that they have been approached by multiple companies for a buyout. Either the number isn't high enough or they really are committed to the family model."


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Mastercam's owners saw the writing on the wall: inexpensive, subscription-based software has been eating their lunch, and it will only get more competitive in the future.

Sandvik is big enough to do whatever they want with Mastercam. They can keep it a buy-it-now-with-annual-maintenance software, or they go to a subscription-based model.

Only the future will tell...

What I'm wondering now is, will Sandvik buy a machine-tool manufacturer at some point? That's all they need to complete the metalworking trifecta!