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SB heavy 10L carriage lock and cross slide bushing

Paul Manhart

Mar 15, 2022
Hi. New guy here. I have a 1968 SB 10L with taper attachment. I’m having two problems.
1. How do you insert the carriage lock under the saddle? I can’t get my fingers in there.
2. I’ve removed the handle and dial from the cross slide, but I can’t get the bushing unscrewed. It’s frozen in place. Tried torch several times. Is it stuck or am I missing something?


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I just assembled my '63 Heavy 10 13 months ago, but I can't remember exactly what I had to do there. I was looking at it tonight, but nothing came to me at first.

I do remember wishing I had thought about it before I fastened the apron in place. Matt's reply got me to thinking... I'm pretty sure I did not have to completely remove the apron again, but I think I loosened the 2 top screws enough that I could separate the saddle from the apron a bit and get that part installed. I might have also loosened the right-end lead screw bracket so the end of the lead screw could drop a bit to help make clearance. But I'm real certain that I did not completely remove the apron, because the QCGB would need to come off.

I can't remember if I held the part with fingers or maybe long-nose pliers, but I seem to remember that I got it installed with just a moderate amount of fiddling (and perhaps a bit of cussing.)

I remember I fought the bushing on my 9A for quit some time . I finally wrapped it in leather & hit it with a vice grip or maybe it was a pipe wrench, don't remember that was maybe 5 years back . The leather was to protect the bushing from the tool teeth .
OK took some diggin , check this one out
If ya do it remember " pictures or it didn't happen "