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Dunsmuir Red

Jul 28, 2021
Does anybody by chance have anything else besides the parts breakdown for the 1940 ish Sebastian 16X48 lathe. It has a gear box head stock. The gears that drive the lead screw and apron are exposed with no cover. Any input is welcomed. Thank you. Dunsmuir Red.

Robert Lang

Apr 3, 2007
Minneapolis, MN
American Antiquarian Society (early machine tools ads and broadsides)

Back in 2012 I found, on the internet, the American Antiquarian Society
It had some early Bement & Dougherty illustrations from 1866.
Also a Phoenix Iron Works gear cutter (1860-1865) and Trumbull Iron Works illustrations from the mid 1850's.
I had posted this on the PM. I never really explored the American Antiquarian Society site.
It was not an easy site to explore (for machine tools) as it is mainly organized by the lithographers.
I found this on the site. Old ads and broadsides that had been collected by William Allen.

Asset Page

Most of these makers I have known about, but I had not found illustrations of some of their machines until now.