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schaffner lathe 1 1/2" spindle capacity


Apr 18, 2009
i have a 11" lathe that i want to put a 8" 4 jaw import chuck on, the weight is about 33 lbs, its very robust compared too the 6" burnerd that is on there now, if i mount a 8 " long rod i can pull the piece to the side about 4 to 8 thou ,the burnerd 4 jaw is very light about 1/2 the weight of the 8" chuck, i thought it was the register so i trued it up as best i could and the chuck moves about a little under 1 thou with the same pull on it, it has tappered 3207 bearings in the front and 3206 at rear. i like the import chuck and the robust jaws, the lathe is alot like an atlas 12" in fact i took an atlas 12" spindle and turned it down to metric diamensions as the atlas is inch but almost identical even the key way's were in the same location i found that a bit odd but also noticed southbend and sheldon and many other's of that era 30's to 50's spindle's almost the same anthony