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Schaublin 125 lathe bed question


Sep 6, 2020
What do you think is acceptable lathe bed wear on a Schaublin 125 ?

I have been looking at one wich i could measure 0.03mm wear on both thicknes and width
with micrometer .

For a used machine from the seventies I guess its not very bad ?

The machine is stripped down quite alot for cleaning by my friend so I cant try it out .

Thanks Johan


Feb 24, 2018
Greenfield, Mass
It is probably better than the Schaublin lathes I used to run - I wouldn't be surprised if those machines had 10 times the amount of wear (or more 😱 ) in the beds. However, we still made them work, just couldn't do any real tight tolerance stuff. And we were always shimming the tailstocks to get the center height close enough.

Also, any deviation in one particular spot of the bed is softened since the saddle rides along a pretty wide area. I bet that lathe is probably a dream to run compared to others that vintage with heavy use.


Cast Iron
Mar 9, 2008
Vienna Austria
Being a box way machine the width of the front (guiding) way is the important one, as it goes 1:1 into part diameter.
I got lucky with my 125-CNC, it measures 11µm width variation on that way.