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Schaublin 125 variator problem


Jan 6, 2015
Hi all!
New to me, we bought a used 125A, and someone turned the regulator wheel when the machine was at a standstill. Now, the belt is at the lowest and the indicator is showing 1000rpm, whilst it should be at 675rpm, and I cannot get the full 3000rpm anymore. Both figures at highspeed on motor and likewise on the gear. Any suggestions for fixing it? Besides locking the door...
Regardless of what the dial shows, are you 100% it could reach the full speed range before someone has messed with it?
I’m not personally familiar with the variator of the 125 so I cannot provide any experience-based advice. From the drawing in the manual it seems there are few joints between the operating lever and the variator yoke. Maybe one of them got loose or the changed their relative position due to excessive force. I hope for you nothing got broken or bent. The variator operation mechanism is quite simple, so I believe if you will look into it you will be able to identify the root cause.



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It turned out to be a easier fix than expected- Disassembled the high/low speed handle, took out the speed indicator and just re positioned it. All good now.