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Schaublin W12 Compatible 100mm CNC Rotary Table with Controller


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Apr 11, 2005
Nomad, USA (Curr. IL)
This is one of my favorite tools, and I’ll probably regret this BUT…

I am offering my custom Sherline Industrial Products 8700 CNC Rotary Table modified to accept Schaublin W12 shanks and collets.

I did this modification so that I could hold work in chucks without the possibility of the chuck rotating. On a stock Sherline 8700 the chucks spin on and have to be held with a side clamp or cutting forces can spin the chuck and the work.

The center bore has been increased to 12mm and a recess cut into the rotary table top that is the size of standard W12 shanks. A custom short W12 drawbar was made using a DC SWISS W12 tap (not a Chinese knock-off). The drawbar has a hex for 25mm or 1” socket wrench.

The rotary table rests on a custom riser plate. This raises the rotary table so that the drawbar clears the machine table. You can also clamp it vertically in a 4” vise.

This plate was made by an American company called “Shop Dawg”. It is a 4 x 8" tooling plate meant for Sherline mills, 1/2" thick. The T-slots are Sherline sized (#10-32 T-nuts) and the smaller counterbored holes match the spacing of Sherline mill T-Slots.

The larger counterbores are for 5/16 or 8mm bolts on 50mm spacing to match the T-slots on small European machines such as Wabeco.

I mostly use this rotary table for drilling and tapping circular hole patterns, a task for which it excels. I’ve also found it useful for many other tasks that require indexing. I have even cut a 127 tooth gear using it.

I have available a Sherline 3.125” 4-Jaw independent chuck mounted on a W12 shank. I also have two Maprox W12 shanks for 100mm J-F style chucks.

I am only selling because I need to get something bigger that does the same job. I’m listing here because I prefer to deal direct. PLEASE DON'T HESITATE.

I know if I list this on fleaBay it will sell easily. Anything I have posted that was Schaublin or compatible has sold quickly.

***Made in USA***
(except the wall-wart power supply and 5-pin DIN cable)

W12 CNC Rotary Table with riser plate and drawbar

Offered at $775.- or best offer. I'm more likely to accept offers before the end of November.


You can PM me, but for a faster response contact me at: cinematechnic [at] mac (dot) com

OR send a text to seven eight six , five eight six , one two one zero (I'm on EST time)

Item is currently located in Biddeford, ME, but I will be relocating shortly.

8700 Complete.jpg

8700 With 3in 4-Jaw.jpg

8700 Underside.jpg