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Schaublin W20, W25 Items Available


Cast Iron
Apr 11, 2005
Nomad, USA (Curr. IL)
Just wanted to make sure you all know I have posted some Schaublin items for sale in the tooling area:


I've been collecting Swiss tooling for nearly 20 years now. These are items that I was holding on to, but I will consider reasonable offers and trades. There are W20 and W25 collets, collet fixtures, and a W25 to WW adapter.

I may consider listing my custom 4" CNC Rotary Table with W12 bore. This is a Sherline 8700 that I modified to accept W12 collets and collet shanks.

The Swiss Franc is now at a 6-year high against the US Dollar. And the Dollar WILL fall further. If you need accessories for your Swiss machines don't wait, they will become completely unaffordable next year.

Interested in trading for:
Any Multifix toolposts (original Swiss or German) size A or E
Metric precision measuring tools
Optical tools & instruments
Hardinge 5C items and accessories for manual lathes
Laboratory items, especially UV curing
Items similar to above