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SCM TOP 35 Q's

I posted the electrical-specific Q's in the electrical forum, this one is about user experience.


Does anyone run one of these or its smaller brothers?
Do you run it on 230v?
Have you ever had to replace the control/starter?
If so, did you go original, or design a different approach?

I've owned mine for 10 - 12 years. Had to replace the control when acquired. Ran it regularly for a couple months but not really that large a volume of work. It has seen only sporadic use since. Ran it off & on for a few days this past week, it fried the contacts again/already.

I had drilled the first unit apart to see if i could rebuild the contacts, so i knew what was inside.
Drilled this one in hopes that between the 2, i could match some parts and get it going again, but when they go, they seem to really go....

My plan is a US contactor, but again, the question here is, does anyone have a similar experience? Or has yours been trouble free including extensive use?