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Scrap and/or Metal supplier - Chicago area


Apr 27, 2009
San Francisco
I'm in Evanston, grew up here; but home is in San Francisco. Visit each year but I have not done projects here for a long time.
Looking for a metal supplier, I sometimes need small quantities of retail metaI (beyond that found at the local box store). It would also be nice to find a scrapper with an organized yard or warehouse selling small stuff. I like "browsing" to find small metal items or parts for repurposing. I have worked with MetalSuperMarket and some other similar occasionally; good for some things but stock seems limited in unexpected ways .

Also any suggestions for a machine shop/fab shop ok with tiny jobs. CNC, lathe, mill, weld, surface conditioning... I have a couple of small jobs I cannot do "in house", especially not away from home.

Appreciate any suggestions from people in the Chicago area, particularly the north side, north suburbs.

Not sure I’d want to pay for “retail metal” as you’d asked. Regular metal is expensive enough.
If you are in the Chicago area, McMaster-Carr has a facility there, and you could order and pick up locally, if you have an account set up.